One of My Poems Engraved in Wood

This engraving of my poem “How a House Wren House Becomes a House Wren Home” will be auctioned off for the Schlitz Audubon Nature Preschool Ash to Art fundraiser this Saturday, April 21. Series 1/1. All pieces are made of Ash trees which have been afflicted by the invasive Emerald Ash Borer Beetle.

This piece can be yours, details here at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. Click the arrows to view the engraving and painting process.


Industrial Snapshot, Milwaukee

I forgot I’d taken this video. It’s like a wacky postmodern daydream. Something I thought would be neat in a movie somehow. The grinding and gulls, anti-party fanfare of a flaccid flag standing guard outside of a forgotten pub. I’m sure somebody hasn’t forgotten George’s. Listen for the sounds. They are especially.

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Hooray! Journalism Awards Announced

I’m pleased to relay that I’ve received a few different awards for both solo work and collaborative journalism projects. UW-Milwaukee’s Pow Wow Has Deep American Indian Roots received the Best Soft Feature award by Milwaukee Press Club. The Finding Flint project received several awards from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). Photographs I took for this piece received a Feature Photography award by SPJ.

All told, UWM journalism students have been awarded a total of 42 local, statewide, or regional awards. The instructors at UW-Milwaukee are doing a great job of getting us ready to head out into the working world.

Here is the full list of awards that can currently be posted publicly.


Visitor to the Midwest: A Heard Poem

Here is this little overheard gem. Every once in awhile strangers still have conversations in bars without phones between their faces. When they do, you can overhear a gem or two. This was a visitor from L.A. making a stop in Milwaukee from California. Click the arrows to the right to read the next line. Viva Midwest. Flyover and Friendly.

First Ride Since the Accident

Today was my first road ride since getting hit by a car. I wasn’t sure how I’d respond to riding again, hadn’t really thought about it until a friend said, “Are you going to have PTSD?” I’m pleased to report that’s it’s as enjoyable as it has been for years (as enjoyable as 37 degrees and windy can be) and the presence of cars didn’t provide any more anxiety than before. If you know anyone looking for a BMW F650GS in the Milwaukee area, this will be for sale soon.

Short Shots Poetry Reading Thursday, February 15

See you at Var Gallery this Thursday, February 15 at 8:00pm for Short Shots! This show features 7 poets including myself – and it’s free.

Milwaukee Music History From Turner Hall

This is one of my favorite pieces from my time as Pfister Hotel Narrator. Chef Concierge Peter Mortensen discusses returning to Milwaukee’s historic Turner Hall Ballroom, years before it was again open, to experience the birthplace of American popular music. We visited the space in the middle of the day and Peter described an impromptu concert with musicians Joan Morris and William Bolcom. I love how Peter’s voice sounds so large and encompassing in the space. Click below to listen. The Pfister is currently looking for the next narrator. If you’re a writer, maybe you should give it a shot.