Welcome. Sit down. May I get you something? Here’s what I can feed you with, the everything I’ve been working on. I’m a poet and writer and live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I’ve been a regular contributor of poetry and interviews having nothing to do with poetry to Lake Effect on Milwaukee’s NPR station 89.7 WUWM. This is also where I curated The Lunch Counter storytelling series.

From November 2011-April 2012 I worked as the Narrator (writer in residence) at Milwaukee’s “Grand Hotel of the West,” The Pfister. To follow my writing and recording adventures, visit here.

At present I’m in school for journalism at UW-Milwaukee.

During the other days I work writing and editing at a nature center, where I’m able to write original pieces, copy edit, ghost write, work as a team to create a quarterly season-based nature magazine, and write toward many different audiences with different purposes.

My third book of poetry should hopefully be out in 2016, after a protracted debate about the title and cover art, I’m going with Swing At Your Own Risk.

While working as Eddie Kilowatt I released two poetry books, Manifest Density and Carrying a Knife in to the GunfightDensity was included in Best New Poetry of 2006 and Gunfight received the Carma Writer’s Award. Both were released on my indy press Full Contact Publishing.

Between typing I like to ride motorcycles and motorcycles and backpack into the middle of nowhere and find the strangest employment.

To view/purchase my previous books click here.

For booking, publishing, press inquiries, etc. contact edmmakowski [at] gmail.com

Photo by Susan Scott

4 Responses to “About”

  1. […] He has also worked on local theater and video productions coordinating sound effects and music. Ed Makowski (Sound Assistant) Ed is regular contributor of poetry, contemporary literature, and segments […]

  2. An old friend said

    Heard the news about the Pfister…. That is awesome!

  3. Kim Curtis said

    Hi Ed!

    Thanks for the awesome interview with my mom! Terry Gross would’ve been proud 🙂


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