Go here to have a listen to an essay of mine 89.7 WUWM’s Lake Effect. Mindfulness, watches, and deer hunting all discussed.

I’m pleased to say this is the first project I’ve worked on at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. It’s the seasonal Panorama highlighting events taking place at the Center. When I started working all the copy had been written and needed to by edited and in some cases slightly reworked. There was about two weeks until press and I’m very pleased with the results. It’s great to work with a production team nimble enough to discuss an idea and get to work on or even complete it within the same day. Topics include spring ephemerals, a birder’s first year experience, nesting habits of various birds, frogs’ spring singing, and preschoolers trying out photography for the first time. To view simply click on the image below.


Here’s to collaborating on many more Panoramas!

Exciting Writerly News

February 13, 2015

I’m pleased to say that I’ve taken a position with Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. About 100 years ago this 180 acre property was used by the Schlitz Brewery as a location for their delivery horses to rest and recover and age. It has since become a nature sanctuary which is visited by a stunning array of birds and other native creatures.

I’ll be working as their Communications Specialist, and in such capacity will be writing and editing Panorama, the quarterly newsletter, as well as creating social media and other communications.

I start next Tuesday, and wasn’t able to sleep properly the night I was offered the job. Excite. Excite. Ideas. Ideas.

Visit the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center website to learn more, or just come visit sometime.

It will be a busy next few years as I’m also attending UW Milwaukee’s journalism program full time.

Top 15. Hooray!

December 29, 2014

I was invited to participate in Alverno Presents’ Patti Smith Uncovered. The time was grand for us as performers, and it appears the crowd enjoyed the show as well. We made it into Milwaukee Record’s top 15 shows of the year. Splendid!



During the course of My Favorite Bullet’s run I’ve been proud to be published amongst many other really good poems. I’ve got 3 in this last edition, have a looksee. Farewell, MFB.


Additionally, MFB has evolved into Interior Noise Press. Check them out here:


I was thinking about all the pictures I’ve taken of children on the Christmas tree lot without their parents in the photo. Here’s what I came up with.


Keep an eye out for the summer 2014 edition of Great Lakes Review. I’ve got a piece in there and the release event was a ton of fun. The editors did a 7 city tour of key cities throughout the region. When the Milwaukee event took place, 8 writers with work in the issue spoke, including myself. 

Check out Great Lakes Review over yonder

Milwaukee’s Bubblers

August 12, 2014

Milwaukee’s new bike share program has taken a very appropriate colloquial name, Bublr. I was curious about why Milwaukeeans refer to drinking from “Bubblers” so I went and did a little research. Check out this link below to learn a little about our famous Bubblers.

Milwaukee Bublr Bike Share 

New Poems at My Favorite Bullet

Here are some new poems, some will be in my next book A Device that is called A Vice. Interior Noise Press puts out some work that hits really hard.


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