Flint Water Woes and the Economy


I joined several other UW-Milwaukee students in visiting Flint, Michigan to find out lead in the water has affected their lives. Through the eyes of a men’s hat store in downtown Flint, The Mad Hatter, find out how downtown businesses are coping with the this problem.


Finding Flint

A brief tour exploring¬†Flint, Michigan, including The Center For Hope, Edible Flint, a free bottled water pickup, and the Flint Farmers’ Market. This is part of a project I participated in at UW – Milwaukee, Finding Flint.

Flint, Michigan Lead Water Woes

Here is an article I wrote about Flint Michigan, and how it has affected a couple of its residents. Also are a handful of photos of the city, such as the one below. Go here to read:


building burnt bricks