The Bradford Beach Brawl Motorcycle Race in Milwaukee

The Bradford Beach Brawl Motorcycle Race in Milwaukee from Ed Makowski on Vimeo.


For the Harley-Davidson 115th anniversary, sand volleyball courts were transformed into a flat track oval. So much fun!


The Yamaha DT175 is a rider

My friend Andy at Rustoration Cycles spent some time with me making this bike run and ride pretty nice. It still needs a chain, some side covers so I don’t rip out the wiring while kicking it, and a few other things. 35 miles an hour can feel surprisingly fast – and fun – when a bike that makes you pay attention and work for every little bit. Makes the morning commute feel like a little more of an adventure. Still not sure what to name it. Any suggestions? How about Chainsaw Symphony? Taking a brief ride around the city a song kept playing through my head:


The streets

are alive

with the sound

of two stroke.

Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee

Mama Tried has been a really interesting experience this year. I’ve met a handful of people who have come to my home city as a respite from their lives. Growing up here, Milwaukee never seemed to be a destination, always a swampy confluence which young native Milwaukeeans made a point to say they wanted to leave. I’m glad to see that perception is turning around, and sometimes because people from the outside are here to point out the value they find. But it’s also because we have some really fantastic things beginning to take place over the past few years. A few of my friends raced on the indoor oval, and I’m excited to do the same in a couple of years. Lots of good.