Community Gardens: A Poem About Plants in Nature

I was at work the other day, asking about planting strategies with a very experienced land management specialist. He mentioned something, almost as an afterthought, about how forbs need root competition to flourish long-term. Otherwise they grow too large and collapse on themselves. I found this interesting and ended up writing a poem about it. We published it on our Blog at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. It’s pretty fantastic that I’ve got a job where I’m invited to write poetry about nature.

Go here to read Community Gardens, a poem about how plants depend on one another.


Finding Flint

A brief tour exploring¬†Flint, Michigan, including The Center For Hope, Edible Flint, a free bottled water pickup, and the Flint Farmers’ Market. This is part of a project I participated in at UW – Milwaukee, Finding Flint.