I wrote this poem after speaking with a gentleman in the lobby lounge of the Pfister Hotel. I haven’t been writing poems. Not that I don’t want to, but my mental space has been going in the direction of radio and writing for the Pfister. Poems haven’t happened to come out of this head lately but this day one did. Click below and give a read…




In honor of Veterans Day

January 20, 2012

Have you ever met someone who had an out of body experience? And then got shot afterwards? Meet Patrick.

Who would take a pretty girl to a grocery store? Give a listen and find out…

5 new poems, aw yeah

January 3, 2012

Haven’t had a whole lot of time lately for poetry writing considering the NPR and Pfister Hotel writing lately, but here are 5 that I managed to get out to BlazeVOX from Buffalo, NY.

Click the link below then scroll down and click on Ed Makowski

BlazeVOX Winter 2011