Challenge: 1 hour to write a poem about gastrointestinal distress

The executive producer at Lake Effect, Mitch Teich, asked if I’d like to write a poem about the aformentioned topic and I recalled an experience with Pabst but figured that wasn’t what he had in mind. That day’s show topics discussed Crohn’s Disease and similar issues stemming from the over-sanitizing of modern life. Hmmm…I like a challenge. Here’s what I researched and came up with in an hour- give a listen!


The Lunch Counter sets sail!

For the last several months I’ve been working with Milwaukee Public Radio 89.7 WUWM during the Lake Effect show. In addition to shows about neato Milwaukee goings-on I proposed a storytelling series called The Lunch Counter. The feel of the segment is sitting at a lunch counter and the person next to you happens to have a great story to tell. All recorded on location, whether it be a breakfast spot, a barber shop, the corner bar. Here’s the first one, Jose Ortiz tells a story you don’t expect to hear from an 80 year old guy. For you twitter folks follow us @mkelunchcounter