Last Friday’s Boswell Books show covered by the UWM Post

Check out the review of Derrick Harriell, ┬áNick Demske and myself at Boswell Books. It’s on something I invented called the internet! *

UWM Post




* Al Gore did have a hand in the invention, but my name is listed first in the songwriting credits.


Power lines/transmit electricity/provide a picture/which brings a poem/which brings another poem…

Here’s a poem that stemmed from a photograph taken by Jennifer Tomaloff. Jennifer has an annual project called Bending Light in to Verse, wherein she sends poets photographs and the collaborators respond with whatever idea the image produced for them. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in both projects to date.

Funny enough, this was not one of the photographs Jennifer sent me. It was a picture she sent someone else but provided me a memory when I saw the image.

Here is Jennifer’s picture, as published on the cover of Phantom Kangaroo, and here is my corresponding poem in issue 4 of the same journal.