New poem in Blood Lotus #16

I’ve got a new poem published in a publication called Blood Lotus. Go see it on the link, otherwise, below is the poem…typed during a lull in a bartending shift on my coworker’s laptop computer:

My toddler son is protest coughing+

foot stomp = unknown words: “But I wanna dance

on the table until I fall on my head and cry!”

Until parenting protesters didn’t cough.

Hearing this frequency I remember.

As a curious boy, being

below deck in the neighbor family’s

beached backyard boat

with the neighbor family’s



and didn’t know

until now

It was the wordless protest

of the 7 year old girl

to the 8 year old boy


Mil Vin Moto t-shirts, 1st draft

I’ve had this in my head for awhile and went to the UW-Milwaukee craft centre (yep, it’s spelled centre) today to silk screen a couple shirts. Mil Vin Moto is short for Milwaukee Vintage Motorcyclists. It’s the un-club for riders and wrenchers. Dirt bikes, pretty cafe racers, and studded tire ice bikes.