Live from Milwaukee! January 11th

I’ll be having a feature poetry show Monday January 11th at Linneman’s. Open mic starts around 8pm and I’ll go on around 9. I believe this is my first Milwaukee show since releasing Carrying

And an “Ed Makowski” coming out party, leaving Eddie Kilowatt on a hanger in the closet for now.

To see the flyer click here.

For more info about Linneman’s go here.


Silk Screened Poem Posters

This is pretty much the first piece of artwork I’ve made as an adult. I plan to make more of these photo/poem/screen print works. It’s a starting point. This one was donated to the Feed Your Soul fundraiser. It’s based on a poem called “Existing Resources” which reads:

The thief who stole my car

and drove til gas ran dry

was kind enough

to leave their

flathead screwdriver

in the ashtray.

and after a gallon can of fuel

I use it to start my car too