New Poems at My Favorite Bullet

Here are some new poems, some will be in my next book A Device that is called A Vice. Interior Noise Press puts out some work that hits really hard.

A couple new poems on the radio

Here are two to listen to which aired during Lake Effect on Milwaukee’s NPR station 89.7 WUWM. The poems start at about 34 minutes in to the program. 

First time hunting

December 24, 2013

First time hunting

I went deer hunting for the first time this year, something very common in Wisconsin. Give a listen to the experience at this link. Click play and toggle the progress bar to about 45:30. 


October 16, 2013

Here’s a new poem up at Shepherd Express.


Molly Snyder, a writer for wrote a piece for poetry month on why people hate poetry. She asked if I had an opinion on the topic and I gave her some opinions. Go here to read some of our conclusions. 

Far out sounds

April 29, 2013

I’ve got a SoundCloud page, by the way. A few recent poems are on there, and you can also hear some of the other interviews and snippets I’ve worked on. Go Right Here.

Monday April 29th I’ll be participating in a group poetry reading at the Riverwest Public House. About a dozen poets will be joining in the fun. Goes from 7-9pm. For full details, visit Paul Scot August.

You should totally come, and you don’t even have to bring a dish to pass because it’s not a potluck. But I love banana bread if you insist.

I met a hulking 6’4″ veteran the other day who is suffering from the most horrendous PTSD. Reminded me of this poem I wrote which aired on the radio. I think initially I titled it Collateral Damage. Talked the titles over with my friend when he got out and he preferred Memorial Day, so I kept it that way. Give a listen.

James Cotton played Turner Hall awhile ago. I must admit, it was a really difficult interview to try to understand him over the phone. He’s dealt with a bout of throat cancer and now let’s the harp do most of his speaking. Reminded me of when I had the opportunity to interview Charles Bradley but he was on a cell phone, in a Brooklyn apartment building, and with his 7am voice. That one didn’t end up being usable for radio ears, but luckily we were able to wring out an interview with Mr. Cotton. My favorite part is when I ask if his ‘harp is handy and he responds, “It’s never too far from me.” Hell yeah.


I bartend too

April 18, 2013

This poetry stuff rarely pays. It’s certainly not going to send anybody to college. So, for awhile now, I bartend. (Until one of my million dollar ideas pays off. Yep.) The place I work at is pretty fantastic, it’s a tiki bar with 70+ rums to try. It’s a Polynesian outpost nestled blocks from the Milwaukee River. I always say it’s more Hawaiian than Hawaii. Anyhow, Molly Snyder dropped by to ask some questions about bartending, life, words, and where they stumble in to one another. If you’d like to read what I have to say, here y’go.


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